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Please Read Important Changes

At my location there are housing area rules and regulations in regards to pets. 

1. Please make sure your pet goes potty at your home before bringing them here. It's a good idea not to feed them that morning. 

2. Always leash or carry your pet please do not allow them to run free. If for some reason your pet does potty here please be courteous and pick up after them.

New Changes regarding Health Requirements 

1.The county is now requiring proof of rabies be on file for each dog. 
Please bring a copy of your dogs Rabies Vaccine Certificate for me to have on hand. 

2.If your pet is vomitting, or has diarhea on the Date of Appointment, please call to reschedule. 
Too many things are contagious to other dogs. Don't put your dog, or other dogs at risk. 

3.If your dog has fleas please treat them with a topical treatment at least 4 days before your appointment. Frontline or Advantage are popular remedies. 

If your dog is found to have any fleas, it will be treated with a Non-Toxic Flea Shampoo only at an added charge of $20.00, for the additional time it takes to do so. 
You will still need to treat it with a topical treatment. 
There is no option for me to just leave the fleas and you treat them later. 
It's too easy for fleas to spread to other dogs, and I certainly don't want to infect other dogs.